Staff Training

Empower your Workforce with Awareness and actionable cyber intelligence

CyberHawkz's cutting-edge cyber threat intelligence helps security teams and operations experts address the threats they face, while reducing time-to-defense with with actionable insights.Turn-On the real-time visibility into cyber threats affecting your organization.

65 + Teams

Trained and secured Worldwide

100 + Sessions

Delivered Worldwide

18 + Companies

Secured across globe

A lot More than Cyber Security

Why Choose Us?

Real Time
Threat Simulations

With CyberHawkz's Real-time threat simulations, allowing the team to Detect and Defend when attacks really happens.

Defend Your Workforce with
Live Simulation

CyberHawkz brings your workforce to the frontline of defense, where our simulated-based training can be practiced in a safe environment.

Instructor Led
Hands-On Program

Tired of Recorded programs that have you watching someone else do it? CyberHawkz offers you hands-on and instructor led programs.

Equipped with
Latest Attack Techniques

Every threat is unique,to Defend your Business from Hackers, so you need trainings that can adapt to new attacks in real time.

Premium Defense Against
Global Cyber Threats

We Equip your First Line of Defence with Premium defence against global cyber threats. A highly skilled team of engineers & researchers work together to hunt and eliminate the threats.

Much more than just
Phishing Simulation

Our Diverse Training Program Offers you much more than just Phishing Attacks and simulations to enagage and empower your Team.

We Empower Our Clients with Intelligence

Customers Testimonials

The services being offered by CyberHawkz are par excellence. The deliver what they offer. The UI/UX of the products developed is great. I strongly recommend the services being offered by CyberHawkz

Recently my Credit card was compromised, I approached CyberHawkz, within no time CyberHawkz team was able to pin point the cause of the leak and guided the precautions I should take while using the credit card.

CyberHawkz is a platform that offers value for money. Recently my mobile phone was under ransomware attack. The services and the guidance provided by CyberHawkz is commendable. I strongly recommend CyberHawkz.

CyberHawkz helped me to protect my identity theft. I strongly recommend the services offered by CyberHawkz.

CyberHawkz was at rescue when my phone was hacked. Thanks a lot for the help and guidance Team.

CyberHawkz is excellent in their job,they did fantastic job in Cyber Security Awareness Training for our Team.

It was a pleasure to work with CyberHawkz. They did a fantastic job in cyber security training and auditing for our clients. we would love to work with them in future again

Great Experience with the Team at CyberHawkz. A Great product packed with a very Attractive UI making it user friendly.